Anchormed Hospital, formally Anchor Medical Centre was initially located along Ajase Ipo Road, beside Olomu Leather works, opposite Royal Shekinah Suite, Ilorin. It was registered and approved to function as a Healthcare institution by the Ministry of Health, Kwara State on 10th March, 1997, with Registration number MOH/KS/PH/197. The institution is formed and maintained to provide a caring service to individuals, people and group. However, it was relocated in June, 2010 to the permanent site with more facilities at Niyi Aniyikaye Street, off University Road, Tanke Iledu Area, Ilorin. The hospital is facilitated by Dr. Adegboyega .A. Fawole


To consistently provide excellent caring services, within reasonable financial returns, through an integrated team approach, that reaches to the very height of measurable good quality standard, and fully realizing that customers have alternatives.


We affirm our commitment to meet health care needs of the members of our community within the ambit of our competence consistent with our tradition for excellence.